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Setting up Direct Deposit of Financial Aid

Posted on 8/23/2010: The steps to set up direct deposit of financial aid through WebAdvisor are described in the attached tutorial.

Preferred Email and WebAdvisor

Posted on 9/16/2008: In WebAdvisor, a student can search on the instructor name, clicked on the section name and title of the course, and received a screen that displays details on the course as well as a contact email address. It is important to note that WebAdvisor displays the Preferred Email Address. For all...

Accessing Pay Advices through WebAdvisor

Posted on 7/9/2007: Instructions for accessing Pay Advices in WebAdvisor.

Grade Entry in WebAdvisor

Posted on 8/26/2003: All grades must be submitted via WebAdvisor under final grading (note: final grades are entered under Grading on the menu NOT in Gradebook, unless you have already been using Gradebook to manage your class information.) Every student must receive a grade regardless if they attended or not (what...

My Class Schedule

Posted on 8/26/2003: This handy WebAdvisor feature is available to both HFC students and faculty. In order to display your class schedule, you'll need to begin by loggin in to WebAdvisor. For help logging in, please refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Printing Class Rosters

Posted on 8/26/2003: This WebAdvisor feature allows faculty to display rosters for each course section they are teaching. Begin by loggin in to WebAdvisor. For help logging in, please refer to the Getting Started Guide. From the WebAdvisor Main Menu, select the Faculty option, then click the link for Class Roster....

WebAdvisor FAQ

Posted on 8/26/2003: The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about myHFC WebAdvisor. Q: I click the Submit Button and immediately get a timeout error. Make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari web browser. (Google Chrome and Opera also work, but are not officially...

Getting Started With WebAdvisor

Posted on 8/26/2003: WebAdvisor is the web-based interface for Henry Ford's Automated Network of Knowledge (HANK) and provides many useful tools for students, faculty, support staff and administrators. Using WebAdvisor, general college students can register, add, drop and pay for classes, retrieve grades, and get...

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